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  • Aralia Fatsia

    Availability all year long. Available sizes from 30cm to 70cm. Packing from 20-60 bunches per box

  • Foliage Combo Box

    Foliage Mix Box with different types of product

  • Leather Leaf Fern

    THE most popular cut foliage worldwide! IntraGreens offers product from recently renewed plantations, high quality and consistent, available in various presentations for your market.

  • Leatherleaf Fern

    Leatherleaf fern (Rumohra adiantiformis) Availability all year long. Large Leather packing 35 bunches. Medium Leatherleaf packing 30 bunches. Junior Leather packing by 20 bunches.

  • Tree Fern, Asparagus Virgatus

    Only nursery in Central America offering this cut foliage, known for its delicate beauty. Packed in 30 bunch boxes

  • Tropical Foliage

    Cordyline Tie, Phoenix Roebellinii, Lilly Grass, Leather Leaf and Aralia Fatsia Japonica are our mix of tropical foliage, common in the decoration of flower arrangements.

    Product Description
    Cordyline Tie Green, Black, Red, Bicolor
    Size 60cm 70cm 80cm
    Quantity 50×10

    Phoenix Roebellinii
    Size 60cm 70cm 80cm
    Quantity 20×10

    Lilly Grass
    Size 70cm 80cm
    Quantity 50×25

    Leather Leaf Small, Medium, Large
    Size 40cm 50cm 60cm
    Quantity 20×20 30×20 35×20

    Aralia Small, Medium, Large
    Size 40cm 50cm 60cm
    Quantity 40×10 30×10 20×10

    Their scientific names are Cordyline fruticosa, Phoenix, Liriope muscari, Rumohra adiantiformis y Fatsia japonica.

  • Young orchid Cattleya

    Young orchid plant with 13 to 16 months of developing., this plant requires at least 2 years more to reach your first blooming.

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