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  • empathizer

    Powdered mixtures to provide, texture, taste and color. Bread for chicken or fish. Marinators, batter crispy. In presentations of 1 kilogram to 25 kilograms

  • Habanero chili powder

    This product is a by-product, which is made by drying the seed and then ground, this product is used to make sauces or to flavor products.

  • Seasoning

    Powdered mixtures to provide flavor and color to different foods such as meat, chicken, snacks, fish. In presentations of 1 kilograms up to 25 kilograms

  • Turmeric

    Turmeric, also known as Indian sulfur, is a highly appreciated plant because it offers great gastronomic versatility and is attributed with medicinal properties against cancer, high cholesterol or osteoarthritis, among other diseases. It is native to southwestern India and belongs to the same family as ginger

    We currently produce it in the southern region of the country

  • turmeric powder

    The product obtained from the root of the turmeric plant Longa, properly washed, disinfected, chopped, dehydrated and finely ground.

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