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  • Maple Syrup with Honey

    product made from honey, water, preservatives, flavorings, sugars and colors.

  • Sugar cane Syrup

    Sugar cane syrup is made from sugar cane grown by artisan producers from the western Central Valley of Costa Rica. 100% pure and ideal for preparing the most delicious typical Costa Rican recipes and an unmissable ingredient in your kitchen.
    You can find Miel de Caña Viena in 700ml and 3785ml presentations with our distribution network nationwide or with our commercial partners in the country that you requires it.
    The PYME (SME) seal endorsed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica and being present in the market since 1973 are our seal of guaranteed quality.

  • Syrups

    Variety of syrups made with the best concentrates perfect to prepare the most delicious and sweet recipes such as desserts, soft drinks or cocktails. We offer seven flavors in 700ml and 3785ml presentations: Kola, Kola Light, Coconut, Bubble Gum, Orange, Lemon and Root Beer.
    Our distribution network throughout Costa Rica allows you to purchase Viena Syrups and enjoy their incredible flavor in all supermarkets and mini-supermarkets.
    We have been part of the Costa Rican table for more than 47 years and the PYME (SME) seal of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce supports us.

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