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  • Adhesive Labels

    We inverst in resesarch and developement to make the Smart Labeling solutions accord of requiriment of our clients. We have adhesive labels, tags, sachets´ material, void labels, security labels.

  • Adhesive Labels

    Adhesive labels for various applications, and a variety of materials and finishes.

  • Alcohol en Gel

    Instantly sterilize hands and arms without the need to wash with water, with a quick drying

  • Alcohol Gel, 70% solution.

    Alcohol Gel for hands, 70% solution, kills virus and bacteria, ready to use, non-sticky formula with aloe.

  • Aluminum Extrusions

    The entire manufacturing and production process begins at the design table. It is there where the extrusion takes shape and different functionalities are incorporated for better assembly, minimal finishing work and easier assembly.

    Types of aluminum profiles

    There are three types of aluminum profiles:

    Solid profiles

    They are those whose cross section does not have any vacuum, it is totally circumscribed by the metal. In that case, the die is generally made up of a steel disk having the opening (s) in the shape of the profile.

    Hollow profiles

    They are those whose cross section has at least one void totally circumscribed by metal. Tubular profiles are manufactured using a die having a fixed mandrel with the internal shape of the profile coupled to a steel disk (die) with the external shape of the desired profile. Between the mandrel and the die there is a gap that gives rise to the extruded tubular profile.

  • ANFO

    Prill-type ammonium nitrate-based blasting agent mixed with a combustible agent with excellent coupling characteristics in the hole.

  • Antibacterial Sanitizer Gel (alcohol 70%)

    Gel alcohol 70% (volume), antibacterial, helps to eliminate pathogens that cause infectious diseases. Special for hands with Contact Dermatitis problems. Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a finish of freshness and hydration, with a pleasant aroma. It is for instant use, so it does not require rinsing.

    – kills 99.99% of Harmful Germs and Bacteria
    – Scientifically Proven Eectiveness
    – FANAL Quality Certification (Official Alcohol Factory)
    – Parabens & Petrolatum Free
    – Natural & Sustainable Development


    Liquid solution 350 ml.

    External use for hand washing
    Alcoholic antiseptic solution for hand hygiene ALBA Dra. Field

    Keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place, preferably at a temperature equal to or less than 30 ° C

    How to Use: Press the dispensing valve all the way once and pour the liquid into the palm of the hand, rubbing the front and back of the hands until it dries.

    Each 100 ml of solution contains:
    ALCOHOL 96% v / v 83.33 ml HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 3% v / v 4.17 ml
    GLYCERIN 98% v / v 1.45 m PARFUM 0.10 m AQUA c.s.p. 100.00 ml

  • Architectural Brick

    The warmth, elegance and at the same time the harmony of brick, are presented in the Brick line. In recent years, architectural design and industrial-style decoration have grown exponentially around the world, and have been harmoniously integrated into all types of residential and commercial constructions, having brick as the main reference in its different presentations. The Architectural Brick line, perfectly emulates the different styles, colors and textures of brick, and has the great advantages of cultivated stone, in its easy handling and installation. This line of vibrated concrete products has the highest quality standards, and its designs, both in texture, color and nuances, have been the fruit of meticulous work by our designers.

  • Bags

    Plastic bags, Doypack, stand up pouch, with ziploc, and others

  • Bálsamo Labial Maromas de Mayo

    Humectante labial a base de manteca de cacao, aceite de coco, aceite de aguacate, manteca de karité, cera de abeja y aceites esenciales de naranja e ylang ylang. Déjate acariciar los labios por nuestros “Besitos del Bosque” para mantenerlos protejidos y humectados.

  • Bamboo fiber protection line: mask-bandanas

    Antibaterials, fungicides, thermoregulators, hypoallergenic, very comfortable, fresh, breathable. Anatomical. Reusable, 50 washes. Biodegradable Protect others and protect yourself, and take care of the environment.

  • Banano packing line

    Lines for the process of receipt, excesses, washing, classification and packaging of bananas.

  • Bands

    They are used for fixing secondary assemblies to metal, concrete and wooden posts. Each band comes with the complete carriage bolt set. They are manufactured in various sizes according to the diameter of the pole. Made with ASTM A36 40mm x 6mm steel plate and 100% hot-dip galvanized under the ASTM A153 specification.

  • Bark Wood (scientific name: Tabebuia)

    Sawn or motor-sawn hardwood, used for floors, decks or structures. High hardness and quality, special for indoor and outdoor uses.

  • Basic apparel line in organic bamboo fiber

    Basic t-shirts to dress and be comfortable, for men and women, exercise clothes, children’s shirts and baby rompers, hypo-allergenic, ultra soft, does not suffocate or irritate, in every sense a basic line, functional, comfortable, thermo smart, a feeling of unsurpassed comfort. Eco friendly. It does not cause harm to the environment from the beginning to the end of its process, it is pure and organic.

  • Bedpread

    For home and hotels. Ultrasonic technology

  • Biking Uniforms

    Custom Biking Uniforms. Top of the line fabrics and pads. Bibs, shorts, arm sleeves

  • Bio Tri 1000 WP

    It is a product based on the fungus Trichoderma harzianum whose active ingredient (spores or dried conidia) is formulated as a wettable powder. Trichoderma sp. Attacks pathogenic microorganisms that cause diseases. To counteract pathogenic microorganisms, the beneficial fungus is aggressively established in the soil and releases compounds that destroy pathogen structures.
    When Trichoderma sp is established in the area of rhizosphere enters into direct interaction with the roots of plants and triggers in these activation of their defense systems, so the plant is always ready to respond to eventual infections of pathogens and the same way against adverse abiotic conditions. All these added factors produce a biostimulant effect on the plants, favoring their development.
    The product is available in various presentations from 100g to 25Kg.

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