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  • Bio Tri 1000 WP

    It is a product based on the fungus Trichoderma harzianum whose active ingredient (spores or dried conidia) is formulated as a wettable powder. Trichoderma sp. Attacks pathogenic microorganisms that cause diseases. To counteract pathogenic microorganisms, the beneficial fungus is aggressively established in the soil and releases compounds that destroy pathogen structures.
    When Trichoderma sp is established in the area of rhizosphere enters into direct interaction with the roots of plants and triggers in these activation of their defense systems, so the plant is always ready to respond to eventual infections of pathogens and the same way against adverse abiotic conditions. All these added factors produce a biostimulant effect on the plants, favoring their development.
    The product is available in various presentations from 100g to 25Kg.

  • Bio-Leaves Virgen

    It is a 100% organic compost made from goats feces. BIO-LEAVES VIRGEN is a foliar Bio-Fertilizer with conditioner characteristics foliar par excellence and a source of foliar nutricion providing a wide range of micro-elements (Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn). Indications of use:
    BIO-LEAVES VIRGEN is a foliar source of fertilization for plants in gardens, lawn, ores and ornamental plants, BIO-LEAVES VIRGEN is a 100% way organic matter to the soil and strengthen the condicion of the foliage of various plant species. Atomize your plants in their entirety with this product, moderately spraying or watering the soil or watering the soil or substrate thereof with this solution.
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  • Bio-Veria 4WP

    Product in development
    A product based on the fungus Beauveria bassiana whose active ingredient (dried spores) is formulated as a wettable powder. Beauveria sp. It is an entomopathogenic, it means that it is a fungus that sickens pest insects and causes them death. It is a contact product, the fungus must fall on the insect to trigger the infection process and the subsequent death of pest. This product is used as a pest biocontroller, such as “picudos” (chili, pineapple, banana), “broca de café”, “cochinilla” and whitefly.
    For better action of the insecticide fungus, it is recommended to do the applications in the early hours of the morning or towards the end of the afternoon, this to reduce negative effects related to temperature and radiation mainly.
    The product is available in various presentations from 100g to 25Kg.


    Black Gold is a liquid mineral organic biostimulant for direct application to the soil or substrate, either by means of fertigation or by foliar spraying. Black Gold comes from recalcitrant plant extracts with a high level of oxidizable organic carbon (organic matter), mainly in the form of fulvic acids, and secondarily as humic acids and amino acids, and less traces of various elements. Its main action is as a chelating agent and carrier, enhancer of some pesticides (with high Koc), antistress agent and improver of germination and root formation processes.


    It notably increases the absorbed nutrients and the osmotic pressure of the plant, increasing the flow of water and the transport of nutrients and photoassimilates to the plant organs where they are needed.


    Insecticide control pests and insects. 100% natural organic certified based on vegetable raw material, extracts and active principles of medicinal plants, using aleopathy. Certified under the regulations of the European Union, United States and Canada. It also complies with the GLOBAL GAP and RAINFOREST regulations.

  • Everest

    High-tech metabolic activator that increases the overall physiological activity of plants and helps crops reach their genetic potential yield. Everest™ is indicated to avoid and overcome stress processes by both physical and chemical factors and to stimulate the natural defense systems of the plant.

  • Foliveex Polyssacharides

    Provides immediate energy that activates the plants metabolism which is easily assimilated by the plant. The high content of potassium contained helps to increase the yield and overall quality of the harvest, while the high level of boron allows for better production of flowers and fruits. It is water soluble and nontoxic to plants when applied directly.

    Foliveex Polysaccharides is chelated with a cocktail of an elevated concentration of free L-amino acids, which help absorb the ingredients contained in the quickest way known with a low energy consumption incurred by the plant.

  • HUMITEC 15

    Humic and fulvic acids that favor the microbiological organic balance of the soil and stimulate root development.

  • Humitec 6-8-6 + 6% Ac Húmicos

    It is a liquid fertilizer with macro elements Nitrogen phosphorus and potassium with 6% humic acids

  • HUMITEC K 42-28

    Potassium phosphite-based fertilizer that stimulates the natural defenses of plants

  • Hydroponics Solutions

    It is a semi organic product, formulated for hydroponic leaf crops and
    Indications of use:
    HYDROPONICS SOLUTIONS is a product that must be used throughout the cycle, accompanying the irrigation water, is a high-tech nutritional mixture that promotes the growth and development of plants in all their stages.
    How to use:
    HYDROPONICS SOLUTIONS recommends a dosage of 1.5 to 3 ml / L of (Hydroponics Solution A and Hydroponics Solutions B) in water depending on the culture system.
    Other benefits:
    HYDROPONICS SOLUTIONS is perfect for growing indoors, it has 16 essential elements and its performance has been proven in multiple crops of leaves and fruits in different hydroponic systems.


    Fertilizer and biocontroller of diseases caused by phytopathogens, 100% natural organic certified under the regulations of the European Union, United States and Canada. It also meets GLOBAL GAP, RAINFOREST, and EPA USDA regulations. Based on microorganisms and biotechnology to innovate with sustainable technologies in the agriculture.

  • NUTRIPHOS 8-30-0

    Nutriphos 8-30-0 is a liquid fertilizer based on Ammonium Polyphosphate with high efficiency, with chelating capacity (weak) and less fixation in the soil. It supplements or corrects the needs of P in crops, and is ideal to be applied in liquid form to the soil or substrate, in drench, in fertigation or foliar spraying.

  • Plantox 1000

    Potent biostimulant designed to help establish a good root development, it reconstitutes soil functions and activates enzymatic and hormonal functions of the plants, making them healthier, stronger and with better yields. It is water soluble and nontoxic to plants when applied directly.

  • Strepto WP

    A product based on the bacteria Streptomyces aureofaciens whose active ingredient (dried spores) is formulated as a wettable powder. Streptomyces sp. It fights pathogenic microorganisms that enter by the root of the plants causing diseases. To counteract pathogenic microorganisms, the beneficial bacteria is aggressively established in the soil and releases compounds (antibiotics and enzymes) that destroy pathogen structures.

  • Transition Multimineral

    It is a special concentrated formula of nutrients that works by stimulating the
    metabolic processes of plants, invigorating them by providing the essential nutrients for their proper development.
    Indications of use:
    TRANSITION MULTIMINERAL when applied by the plant takes full advantage of them and its effect is manifested in vigorous crops, more abundant crops and high
    quality, also favors the growth of roots and shoots. Promotes synthesis of auxins which are hormones related to the production of roots, stems and leaves. Helps to solve deficiencies of micro elements, frequent in the areas hard water.
    Other benefits:
    TRANSITION MULTIMINERAL due to its nature has organic acids that promote the absorption of nutrients and homeostasis of the plant, providing better absorption by effect on improving the growth metabolism of the plants, distributing the harvest time with higher yields.

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