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  • Alcohol en Gel

    Instantly sterilize hands and arms without the need to wash with water, with a quick drying

  • Antibacterial Sanitizer Gel (alcohol 70%)

    Gel alcohol 70% (volume), antibacterial, helps to eliminate pathogens that cause infectious diseases. Special for hands with Contact Dermatitis problems. Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a finish of freshness and hydration, with a pleasant aroma. It is for instant use, so it does not require rinsing.

    – kills 99.99% of Harmful Germs and Bacteria
    – Scientifically Proven Eectiveness
    – FANAL Quality Certification (Official Alcohol Factory)
    – Parabens & Petrolatum Free
    – Natural & Sustainable Development

  • Bálsamo Labial Maromas de Mayo

    Humectante labial a base de manteca de cacao, aceite de coco, aceite de aguacate, manteca de karité, cera de abeja y aceites esenciales de naranja e ylang ylang. Déjate acariciar los labios por nuestros “Besitos del Bosque” para mantenerlos protejidos y humectados.

  • Biphasic Hair Detangler Mist


    Hydrating treatment in two phases. Rebuilds and moisturizes the hair, untangling simultaneously, as it contains a high concentration of protein and botanical complex helping to a better effect against free radicals and excess minerals from waters. Ideal for battered and chemically processed hair.

  • Body butter Coffee

    Delicate and moisturizing mixture of butters and natural oils, ideal for regenerating and achieving heal

  • Body Scrub: Playful May

    Body scrub made out of mayflower honey, vodka infused orange, coconut oil, lemon and mint essential oils. Perfect for those with combination skin.


    It is an Intelligent Treatment system, with innovative assets that penetrate the hair structure, these assets are integrated into the product, where it replenishes the mass to the hair fiber, rejuvenating the appearance of the hair (Botox Capillary Effect), acting from the inside out. It replenishes the CMM (Hair Cell Membrane Complex) and also closes the cuticle, eliminating frizz.

  • Exfoliante Corporal Maromas de Mayo

    Exfoliante con miel de flor de mayo, infusión de naranja en vodka, aceite de coco y aceites esenciales de zacate limón y menta. Para pieles normales o mixtas (T-zone).

  • Fabric pad

    It is a compress made of absorbent fabric. Its function is to absorb menstrual flow, just like disposable towels; however, they are reusable as they are washed in order not to have to constantly dispose of them. There are 3 different types of cloth towels: heavy flow, moderate flow and regular liner towels; They differ between them by the amount of flow they can absorb, from the highest capacity to the lowest capacity (respectively).
    -> Composed of layers of 100% natural fabric (cotton)
    -> They have a useful life of between 3 and 7 years
    -> Comfortable
    -> They do not cause allergies
    -> They can be used in case of urinary incontinence
    -> There are many designs to choose from

  • Fibroplant lotion

    Fibroplant cream is special for treating chronic pain, stimulating the senses, and helping with conditions such as fibromyalgia. The combination of lavender, rosemary and peppermint oils, together with natural extracts such as arnica and lavender essential oils, reduce pain and inflammation in a matter of seconds

  • Foot deodorant

    Our foot deodorant is recommended for anyone who wants their feet to be healthy, fresh, relaxed and beautiful, as the properties of bay rum prevent fungal growth, improves circulation, while menthol refreshes them. Its combination allows to avoid excessive sweating, fights bacterial plac on toenails and prevents bad smell.


    Our Moso gel contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which allows it to be used for the treatment of muscle aches caused by stress, sports, injuries, contractures and inflammation, it is also used against rheumatic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and joints. Its external use is recommended for people with high workloads, athletes, older adults and for lovers of natural medicine, furthermore for children under 3 years and older than 3 months (edition without camphor). The gel dries immediately, does not leave a bad smell and has no sticky sensation after use, so it can be used at any time and place of the day.

  • Hand sanitizer gel Advanced Formula

    Special alcohol gel for hand washing with moisturizing and disinfectant agents.
    It does not require rinsing, they synergistically allow the washing and disinfection of the hands, leaving them with appreciable softness.
    Disinfectant with a broad bactericidal spectrum. If used properly, the product has an appreciable effect on bacteria, viruses and germs.
    Product suitable for washing and disinfecting hands, disinfection procedures and / or in food processing; which demand high levels of asepsis.

  • Intimate Lubricants

    Intimate lubricants made with extracts and essential oils with aphrodisiac properties, which gently take care of the tissue of the vulvar and perineal area, and help increase sensitivity.
    Ideal for erotic play as a couple and to fight vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes, medications or diseases.

  • Kudan alcohol en gel

    Alcohol gel made with alcohol 39-C (industrial use of 96% purity) at 70%, at this concentration it is capable of reducing the microbial concentration of the skin of the hands by 99.7% in less than 30 seconds, it is wide This spectrum may or may not be combined with Bay rum, a plant that enhances its bactericidal and fungicidal action. Contains triethanolamine as an emollient

  • Light up the day Soap

    A coffee, mint and activated charcoal soap to start the day with great energy.

  • Lip Balm: Forest Kisses

    Cacao butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, karité butter, beeswax, orange and Ylang Ylang essential oils make this soft, moisturizing and protective lip balm.

  • Liquid Soap valve 221ml OnePlus® Pomegranate & Tangerine

    Antibacterial Hand liquid soap, kills 99.9% of virus and bacteria. With natural ingredients.

  • Lotion TinyBugs

    Scented lotion for hair without fixation, made from natural extracts that prevents the spread of lice in boys and girls, available in aloe, tangerine, spring fragrances. If you don’t have lice, you are our client!

  • Massage candles

    Our massage candles play a double purpose! Light and scented atmosphere and massage oil!
    Our scented candles will bring up a sense of smell, which is highly sensual, to your living room or bedroom. Whatever scent you choose, it should best reflect your desire.
    Its exquisite aroma stimulates the senses, and the warm oil was specially created to give a relaxing and stimulating massage.
    Ideal for a sensual and erotic night.
    Made with both, organic and aphrodisiac essential oils.
    Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
    Does not contain paraffin or other toxic components.
    Aromas: Ylang-Ylang, Vainilla, Citrus, Exotic Flowers and Jazmín.

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