Aluminum Extrusions

Extrusiones de Aluminio S.A. (Extralum)

Aluminum Extrusions

Product Description

The entire manufacturing and production process begins at the design table. It is there where the extrusion takes shape and different functionalities are incorporated for better assembly, minimal finishing work and easier assembly.

Types of aluminum profiles

There are three types of aluminum profiles:

Solid profiles

They are those whose cross section does not have any vacuum, it is totally circumscribed by the metal. In that case, the die is generally made up of a steel disk having the opening (s) in the shape of the profile.

Hollow profiles

They are those whose cross section has at least one void totally circumscribed by metal. Tubular profiles are manufactured using a die having a fixed mandrel with the internal shape of the profile coupled to a steel disk (die) with the external shape of the desired profile. Between the mandrel and the die there is a gap that gives rise to the extruded tubular profile.

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    Extrusiones de Aluminio S.A. (Extralum)

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