Café de la Tía Black Honey

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Café de la Tía Black Honey

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We produce and process all ours coffee lots, in an ecological way. In ours forest farms that combines coffee plants, fruit and wild trees. Glyphosate and dangerous Agrochemicals free. In our micro- wet mill, we re-circulate the water and use renewable energy, in addition, every one off our coffee lots are sun-drying, reducing our carbon footprint.

The Black Honey Coffee is a process in the wet-mill, where the coffee bean keeps a lot of honey and the natural sugars’ pulp, getting very intense fruity and sweet notes, citrus acidity characteristic of the Tarrazu Region and dense body, with chocolate aftertaste.

Coffee Cupping notes over 86.

The micro coffee lots are one of its kind and it sale is subject to product availability.

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