Deredia Coffee Costa Rica


Deredia Coffee Costa Rica

Product Description

The most ripe specialty coffee beans from Central valley, a Costa Rican region, procesed by a Coffee Farmers Cooperative, through our social and enviromental projects are blended with an exquisite flavour of Gourment Coffee.

Availability: Full container = 10 pallets
Pallet = 90 boxes
Box size:435x220x215 (Kraft)

Social and enviromental responsability certified coffees, Fairtade, Rain Forest Alliance y NAMA Nationally Apropriate Mitigation Actions Café de Costa Rica.


8,82 oz (whole bean or ground coffee) 20unit/box
17,65 oz(Wholebean or ground coffee) 14unit/box
35,3 oz(Wholebean or ground coffee) 7unit/box

Packaging: Trilaminated Bag with Degassing Valve

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