Melon (Yellow Honeydew and Piel de Sapo)

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Melon (Yellow Honeydew and Piel de Sapo)

Product Description

Piel de Sapo: Ellipsoidal and ovoid shaped, gross skin, part smooth part rough. Dark green outside, white creamy flesh very compact and crunchy. High Brix from 13° to 17°

Yellow Honeydew: Present a bright yellow color like gold, smooth skin. Its pulp is very juicy and sweet. Oval shape.

Box measure (cm): 59 x 39 x 17 – Big sizes for every product are available in 300 kg net weight (plastic or carton)
Minimum net weight: 13 kg
Sizes (pieces per box): 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6
Boxes per container or Bins: 1.352 – 60 Bins
Available: January to April
Varieties: Piel de Sapo (Ruidera, Dolsura, Ricura, Bravura, Quijote) – Yellow Honeydew (Natal, Dorado, SV6276).
Certifications: Global G.A.P, Rainforest, Smeta ETI, Tesco Neture, Esencial C.R

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