Safety & Security Glass

Extrusiones de Aluminio S.A. (Extralum)

Safety & Security Glass

Product Description

FUERTEX is the brand for heat-treated glass (Tempered) and the only brand certified by INTECO for the use of safety glass in glass areas susceptible to human impact.
The mechanical strength of tempered glass is achieved by a rapid heating and cooling process that hardens the surface of the material. This industrial process carried out in a quenching furnace requires extensive knowledge and experience to achieve a high quality and resistant product.

VILAX (Laminated Glass)
It is a glass formed by two or more layers of glass, interspersed with layers of polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), joined by a process of pressure and heat, resulting in a resistant and high performance material.
Glass is present in our daily life, accompanying our days, it connects us with the outside world and our environment in various ways, so we must consider that the glass we place is safe.

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    Extrusiones de Aluminio S.A. (Extralum)

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